A Blazing November Work-Party

Ahead of bonfire night the November work-party had to include a roaring fire and an opportunity to make jacket potatoes!

With allotment grown potatoes wrapped in foil and placed on the bonfire a team of workers were tasked with cutting back the overgrown shrubs and willow in the pond to create more natural light. Allowing the water levels to increase after the long summer drought and hopefully attracting wildlife back to the pond.

As the pond hadn’t been touched for a couple of years it was noticeably dry and overgrown and clearing it would have been a harder task without the help of Rohan Southward who was doing much of the heavy lifting.

Ro will be helping the allotments over the next few months as he completes volunteering hours towards his Duke of Edinburgh – bronze award. If you see Rohan on site don’t forget to say hello and thank him for his help.

The pruning of the willow was also well-timed for a local Tattenhall resident who was building a natural hedge and was only too willing and grateful to collect the neat bundles of sticks from the allotment site.