Apple Pressing Oct-22

Olly, Hardy, Max, Sam and Teo hard at work

With so many apple trees growing in the village Tattenhall Allotments were inspired to organise their first apple pressing event.

On what turned out to be a beautiful autumnal day the local community (and plot holders) were asked to collect, wash and bring their apples to the allotment site so that they could experience for themselves the natural process of juicing.

The barbecue was also available throughout the day to provide food which added to the cheerful and friendly atmosphere.

Some of the visitors saw the pretty surroundings of the allotment site for the first time, and several commented on how well kept it looked.

Furthermore, everyone involved in the event said how much they had enjoyed the day and we’re looking forward to returning next year!

A special thank you to Transition-Chester who kindly loaned the apple-juicer to TAA for the event.