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  • A view from above
    We think you’ll agree that the allotments are looking splendid as you can see from this drone image, taken by Charlotte Thompson, TAA member. Thank you to everyone for all your efforts and particular thanks to our wonderful mowing team who transform the allotment site into a place so welcoming not only to members, butContinue reading “A view from above”
  • A Blazing November Work-Party
    Ahead of bonfire night the November work-party had to include a roaring fire and an opportunity to make jacket potatoes! With allotment grown potatoes wrapped in foil and placed on the bonfire a team of workers were tasked with cutting back the overgrown shrubs and willow in the pond to create more natural light. AllowingContinue reading “A Blazing November Work-Party”
  • Apple Pressing Oct-22
    Olly, Hardy, Max, Sam and Teo hard at work With so many apple trees growing in the village Tattenhall Allotments were inspired to organise their first apple pressing event. On what turned out to be a beautiful autumnal day the local community (and plot holders) were asked to collect, wash and bring their apples toContinue reading “Apple Pressing Oct-22”
  • Break-in at the allotments…
    During the early hours of this week Tattenhall allotments had a new visitor. Bonny the Badger was spotted sniffing around a plot growing sweetcorn which will soon be fully ripe.  No doubt Bonny is eagerly anticipating its delicious sugary taste! The activity was caught on a camera which is being used overnight to monitor theContinue reading “Break-in at the allotments…”
  • Mid-summer event
    Saturday 23rd July saw members along with friends and family attend our summer party. After the blistering heat a few days earlier we were blessed with dry warm weather. Guests were welcomed with a glass of Prosecco, bucks fizz and BBQ’d hot dogs. Marjorie Chalk baked some fairy cakes for dessert. Highlights of the afternoonContinue reading “Mid-summer event”
  • Thank you to Tattenhall Parish Council
    With grant money awarded by Tattenhall Parish Council the allotments have recently been able to purchase two pub style picnic benches for use by its members, children, and the wider village community. The smart new benches purchased locally from Broxton Gates gives everyone in the village an opportunity to enjoy the peaceful surroundings and simplyContinue reading “Thank you to Tattenhall Parish Council”
  • A warm welcome for Lottie Loo
    On Saturday the 12th of March Tattenhall Allotments Association held a grand opening event for their new compostable toilet.  Named appropriately as ‘Lottie Loo’ was given the royal treatment on the day. Jim Harris (expert grower) and Martin Chalk (Chair) led the proceedings. Jim cut the ribbon with garden shears and said “I feel honoured to beContinue reading “A warm welcome for Lottie Loo”
  • Spooky fun was to be had at the allotments on Saturday 30th October 2021
    Events kicked off with a Halloween fancy dress parade and our esteemed judges had a very tough job picking the winning costumes. Earlier in the month children had had the opportunity to purchase pumpkins grown on the allotment and after some spectacular carving they entered them into the best carved pumpkin competition. Again the judgesContinue reading “Spooky fun was to be had at the allotments on Saturday 30th October 2021”
  • Apple harvesting, October 2021
    On a cold wet October morning a group brave plotters gathered in the allotment orchard to pick the apples and prune the trees. We had a bounty harvest of cooking apples and eaters, left under the communal bench for everyone to enjoy. Jim Makin our Orchard Manager gave expert guidance in the art of fruitContinue reading “Apple harvesting, October 2021”
  • Work party, August 2021
    On Saturday 28th August a work party was held to cut down all the brambles and trim hedging on the site. Not the pleasantest of maintenance jobs but the stalwart volunteers survived many scratches to limbs and their hard work was rewarded with very tidy boundaries and a substantial bonfire ready for the autumn socialContinue reading “Work party, August 2021”
  • Plant swap and social event
    On Saturday 12th June the Tattenhall Allotments Association held a plant swap and social event. All plot holders had been working hard and the whole site looked great. After a cold and wet spring, planting out was set back a couple of weeks but everything caught up quickly with the warmer weather. The plant swapContinue reading “Plant swap and social event”
  • Work party, May 2021
    The work party was well attended with lots of volunteers digging over plots for allotment holders that were unable to do so themselves. Fencing was erected around the pond to ensure a safer environment for our younger plotters. The community plot was cleared and many of the raspberry canes and other fruit bushes found newContinue reading “Work party, May 2021”
  • Wakey wakey allotment!
    It’s time to start thinking about the season ahead….
  • Pond Clearance
    Our pond on site was in much need of attention. The willows had bullied their way into the pond and completely taken away all the light. As a result the pond has become stagnant. We decided to take action. A small work party formed and before we knew it we had all sorts of handyContinue reading “Pond Clearance”
  • Grow and Show and 10th year anniversary weekend
    A collaboration between the Tattenhall garden Society and TAA saw the village horticultural show being held at our allotments site for the very first time. It was a highly successful day which attracted a lot of villagers. The marquee was full of fine exhibits and we even had a scarecrow competition. Well done to CharlieContinue reading “Grow and Show and 10th year anniversary weekend”
  • Bat boxes
    Ian MacDonald has built us two bat boxes which Martin Chalk has installed in the orchard. Bats play an important role in many different environments such as wetlands, woodlands and farmland. Bats are pollinators and seed spreaders as well as helping to control pests by eating nocturnal insects. Watch out bloodsucking mosquitoes! Their droppings areContinue reading “Bat boxes”
  • Tattenhall Allotments have welcomed a pair of hedgehogs, a boy and a girl
    Tattenhall Allotments have welcomed a pair of hedgehogs, a boy and a girl. They came from the Wirral Hedgehog Hospital who take in injured hedgehogs and restore them to good health before rehoming.
  • Work party to mend rabbit fencing
    We have had an invasion of badgers! They burrowed their way under the rabbit fencing and have destroyed a lot of sweetcorn. We took action by arranging a work party one Saturday morning in order to restore the fencing. Everyone made sure they adhered to the social distancing rules.
  • It’s not all about growing fruit and veg
    One plot holder decided to create their very own quarry using Lego characters.
  • Compost arrival
    We managed to locate some very well-rotted box muck and one Saturday morning a tractor and trailer delivered 30 tons to site. Everyone has been busy filling up wheelbarrows and topping up their plots ready for the season ahead.
  • Installation of refurbished benches
    With an increase of allotment members we felt it would be a nice idea to introduce more seating on site. We had 3 benches, in need of repair, donated by a kind Tattenhall resident. Ian MacDonald refurbished the benches and Martin Chalk installed them on site. They are now in situ for everyone to enjoy.
  • Plot clearance and refurbishment
    New plot holders will receive fully dug over plots. Mike Foster and Martin Chalk weathered ‘Storm Dennis’ and started clearance work at the allotments. It was a challenging day! Martin and his digger made light work of transforming overgrown plots ready for enthusiastic plotters to start planting.
  • Awareness campaign
    With an increase in allotments being given up, mainly due to wet weather throughout 2019, we decided we needed to raise awareness about the benefits of having an allotment. We produced a poster, an advert for the Parish magazine and published an article on Tattenhall Online. The response was amazing. By April not only hadContinue reading “Awareness campaign”